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Lillian Todd-Jones

“we’re sure you’ll love Lillian Todd Jones” Drunken Werewolf
“understated sensationalism that her contemporaries can only dream of” Right Chord Music
“a spot on my long list of crushes” Pigeons And Planes

Lillian Todd Jones 2014

After bursting onto the scene with the video for ‘Butter Soul’, getting to the final of Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent 2013 and igniting stages with her 7-piece band from Truck to her local Chagstock festival, enigmatic songstress Lillian retreated back to her Dartmoor home to build a studio with long-term collaborator Gordon Mills jr (Ed Sheeran, Lissie, Newton Faulkner), to craft and record more songs.

Whilst there, Lill’s talents have been called upon by other artists; she’s busy contributing with writing for Young Kato, a duet ‘Guillotine’on Sion Russell Jones’ sophomore album.

The first EP of HER songs – the ‘Butter Soul’ EP – is out now and will be followed rapidly by a new set; a trend she is set to continue.

See Butter Soul here – please post and share!

Citing her influences as not only musically-based, Lillian Todd-Jones references Dolly Parton (“emotions are your own, don’t be afraid to write about them if they’re true”), Marc Bolan (“just because it’s true, doesn’t mean it has to make sense”), Bob Dylan – but also Douglas Adams, Philip Pullman, and Rudyard Kipling (“even if it doesn’t make sense, it makes a point)”.

A born storyteller, Lillian evokes a childhood innocence met with a deep-set maturity presented through her lyrics. As a child she revelled in books and drawing (preferably unicorns, with Star Wars concept artist, Iain McCaig), and has always been fascinated by the beauty beholden by the arts.

Her father led a performing arts troupe around festivals in the 90s and Lillian herself became a fire-dancer, a stilt-walker, a rope-climber and Thai food-eater.

Lillian was used in the Autumn/Winter Jack Wills campaign and has just completed the title song and soundtrack for a film by Toby Froud, of The Bowie-helmed ‘Labyrinth’. Stay tuned and follow: the storm is coming in.